Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding......
Proverbs 3:5

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time to pass the torch.

So I didnt really have anything to report yesterday, Dawn has been doing well, and nothing really exciting happened to comment on. I know her goal was to be able to walk around on her own before I left to go back to work. Which is today, and Im happy to tell you all that she has leap yet another hurdle, she has walked around all day with no help from me. I feel mixed emotions of elation and sadness. I am overjoyed that she has done so well with this whole process, but feel useless at the same time because she wont need me to wait on her anymore. Especially when I get home, she is going to be so much more independant after two weeks. So I will be passing the torch to her, to carry on keeping everyone updated, as I wont be here to transcript the happenings of each day. Dawn is going back to the hospital tomorrow, for stiches removal, that should make a huge difference, and afford her the oportunity to clean the wound much better. She is also seeing a marked improvment in her impetigo, the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick. So you wont be hearing from me anymore, Ive enjoyed sharing Dawn's adventure with you all. I hope that whatever your endeavors, whatever your dreams, whatever your goals are, you are wished all the best with an abundance of love, peace and happiness! I pray that God bless and be with you always.


  1. Nate, you did a wonderful job of keeping everyone in the loop!! Thank you!

    Lisa Freddie Sofia Miles

  2. Nate,

    You did a great job keeping us all informed. I wish we were closer, so we could have helped in someway. Maybe someday we can get you back to MA!


  3. thank you, nate! you gave a would-be very serious and stressful situation a lovely humorous spin that is so akin to you and dawn!