Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding......
Proverbs 3:5

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moved me up from the recovery room from hell, to the 8th floor...

So I ask you, say you have just gotten you skull opened up and your brains were shoved around to get at the objective of the surgery. Would you want to recover on the corner of "Main" and "Broadway"!!!! Recovery rooms are supposed to be dim and soothing and calm, yeah right, this was the only bad experience so far, from the recovery room to the trip up stairs. Let me lay it down for you. When I say Main and Broadway Im not kidding the room was open, bright, and loud. Very busy, and to many visitors walking around. Asked for some nausea medice, because the whole recovery room was spinning, no telling when ill get that. Then on the way up to my room they bumped into a wall and pinched my Arterial IV between the bed and the wall, could have found my way back to the recovery room (hell) by following my droplets of blood. So Ive been in my room for an hour. Im in and out one because Im exausted, and two because the room does flipps whenever I open my eyes. Just when I think Im at the brink, guess what shows nausea meds i asked for forever ago. Well Ive got to say if that is the worst of this whole experience Im not doing to bad. Well Ive actually been over here knocked out from the nausea meds during the typing of this post, but if I were awake Id endorse the whole thing. More adventures tomorrow.

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  1. Dawn! you are AMAZING!!!! we are sending you hugs, and we are all praying for you!so glad it went great, and we are praying for healing, and for it to be as painless as possible-