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Proverbs 3:5

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dawn: Unwrapped

As you can see the bandages came off today. Not to long after dinner time one of the doctors came in and removed the bandages. He said that the incision looked good, they didnt clean the area at all it looked just as you see it above when they took off the bandage. I thought it would have had more discharge or blood let out, but it looks very clean. They have already set an appointment for next week to take out the sutures. Dawn was a little more fatigued today from moving around more, sitting up for longer periods of time, and at meals. So she is just going to rest for the night. More news tomorrow.


  1. After my daughter and niece's c-sections, David said the doctors should just put a zipper in their tummy,that way the baby could be taken out easily. I will show him your pic, it looks just like a zipper. We are so grateful and pleased with your progress, love the nuttalls

  2. Now that is a cute looking hat. I am so happy the surgery went so well. You are a real trouper. Keep it up.