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Proverbs 3:5

Friday, January 15, 2010

impetigo says what?

So it turns out Dawns brain wasnt leaking. We had to go back to the hospital at the behest of the doctors. And we had a meeting with all three of Dawns primary doctors, which other than operating day we have never seen all three of them in the same room at the same time. They all agreed that the rash looking stuff that is in the general area of her incision was actually the source of the "leak" (mainly) and the all concured on the diagnosis of impetigo. Impetigo which some of the moms out there might be familiar with is a skin infection, most commonly caused by streptococcus (strep) or staphylococcus (staph) bacteria. Also common amongst babies or infants in the diaper area, tends to be a red irritation that presents with blisters filled with puss, yum! So she was given some more meds, I think we need to invest in an old peoples pill box, you know the ones with all the days of the week compartments, just to keep track of all her pills. Im running out of room on our bathroom mirror where I write her pill schedual with dry erase markers, it looks like that white board they use on the show "House". Other than that she continues to get better balance each day, walking a little more with less assistance. She is concerned on not being up to par before I have to go back to work. So please pray that the antibiotics they have given her for the infection do the trick. She goes back on the 20th to get the stiches out. Thats about it for today.

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