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Proverbs 3:5

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Mystery of the Ticking Temple: SOLVED

So Dawn had been complianing yesterday and today of a ticking sound in her head. She said it wasnt painful just annoying. It was the wierdest thing, I could put my ear next to her left temple and hear this mysterious ticking sound. Like coming from inside her head it was totally wild. Well the mystery was revealed today. She was visited by all of her doctors today, they were making rounds and checking on her progress. Which they are all very pleased with how she is doing by the way. Back to my story, so Dawn asked about the sound in her and the Audiologist said "I've been missing my Timex watch"! He was joking of course, he explained that was normal. The sound she has been hearing was the peice of skull they removed to make a window to her brain rubbing on the rest of her skull. You see all skulls are pretty much the same in make up, like pieces of a puzzle our skulls are made of not just one solid bone, but different sections that lock together in the same fashion as teeth on a sproket and gear. The puzzle pieces expand and contract, minutely of course, but moving none the less. So as dawns intact skull expands and contracts it is rubbing the piece they took out making a "Ticking Sound". Mystery solved! Aside from that anatomy lesson the other happings of the day were as follows. Her neuro surgeon said he wanted her to do some more sitting up and wanted her to sit up and eat some solid food for dinner. She was looked over by the two anesthesioloists to see how cognizant she was. She also had her post op MRI today right before dinner time. Other than that she was awake and clear headed more today than any other day. More tommorrow.

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  1. We are so glad to here she is doing well! We love you Dawn and FAMILY! Be blessed

    Nikki, Henry and Shelita!