Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding......
Proverbs 3:5

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dawn's life of crime

Dawn felt much better when she woke up, no more nausea, and the pain is being managed well. So the day has been slow and long, with less and less to look at on these four walls. Dawn suggested we "boost" a wheelchiar and go on a road trip, for a change of scenery. As you all know I'm a saint and would never be lured into a criminal life, but pier pressure is powerful. I ended up lifting a sweet ride right down the hall, someone left the keys right on the seat. So we spent the afternoon riding around, there is really a lot to see in this hospital. It was nice to get out, especially for Dawn. We got back and I returned the ride to where I found it. Thought the "Heat" was on my tail on my way back to the room but I think I lost them when I doubled back around the nurses station. So not to long after that the lead Neurologist showed up to take a look at Dawn he said he had reviewed her post-op MRI and it looks clean, no tumor, good looking brain. All is well, he said, they would be by in the morning to see if we can get out of here. We give all the credit to GOD who is the ultimate healer, and provider. HE was with Dawn, the surgeons, techs, and nurses throught the surgery and recovery. We thank everybody for their fervent detication to prayer for Dawn and her team through out all of this, you all are great! Thank You!

P.S. Because of God and the example of prayer and dedication I've experienced, I vow to turn from my criminal life and wheelchair "boosting".

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  1. You should be a writer Nate! I'm very serious! I'm so glad Dawn is doing well. I miss my friend and glad she's all back!!