Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding......
Proverbs 3:5

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow! It's been a year.........

 It was about this time last year that I was sitting in bed trying to go to sleep but couldnt due to the million thoughts running through my head. The head I just let several of my friends and family shave clean. I figured I had plenty of time to sleep over the next month. Poor Nate was so tired as he just got home from the rig and had been up 36 hours from working then traveling home, I am sure had a million of his own thoughts running through his head as well. I just laid in his arms feeling like all was well but that I probably had things that still needed to get a few more things done. We prayed and finally fell asleep for what seemed like a minute and off to the hospital we went! Before I knew it I was singing "Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra....." while being wheeled into the operating room. (for those that don't watch "A Christmas Story" every year, it was the scene at the chinese resturant).
My journey this year has taught me so much about myself, I found an unexpected strength that was different then I expected. I have always thought of myself as strong but in a different, more defensive way. The strength I found on this journey was more that of embracing my fear and vulnerability. I have never been one to lie down and be sick, in fact my first response to this tumor of mine was "I don't have time for this!" Well I was taught a lesson now wasn't I? God took this opportunity and showed me that slowing down and listening was a must. I was given 3 years to figure this out and probably in the last couple months before my surgery did I really listen. I have always held out my hand to help my friends, but this time when I held out my hand it was grabbed and I was shown amazing love. Thank you to everyone who embarked on this journey with me. I feel like I am accepting an award, but I truely want everyone to know how much I appreciate the support given to me and my family during this time last year, and through all of the events the rest of this year.
So many people made my recovery so easy, with bringing yummy meals to feed my family, and friends popping in to enjoy a good laugh at whatever I might be saying due to the amount of drugs I was on. I admit the first few weeks were pretty foggy, but I felt the blessings that were upon me for sure!
So like brain surgery isn't enough for one year, I felt the need to add a move across the country into the mix. Yep, 6 months after brain surgery we hit the open road with 3 kids, a plan and a map. So sometimes plans change and we were a bit frustrated by that but kept thinking, we have been through worse and God will guide through this as well. So 3 houses later, He did of course and here I sit in a home filled with love and happiness beyond belief. I am surrounded by the most important people in my life and wouldn't change a thing. I miss my life in Texas and I miss so many faces, but this is where we are supposed to be and this year with all that led to it, I can say that with confidence. I absolutely love the town we are in, the kids are doing so great in school, Nates job is still going strong, and yep we have a puppy! So I just wanted to give a little update from a year past and reflect a minute on how blessed I really am. Wow it is so weird to think that I had brain surgery just a year ago......and by the way I can almost get a pony tail in! The other day I had Cindi Loo Hoo piggy tails on top of my head!

Well take a few minutes and read my blog if you haven't already, there is quite a story in there! I have re- read it and laughed and cried and laughed some more, mostly at my hair pics! I particularly liked the wheelchair story! I tried to get Nate to give a note to sum up the year, but he simply said, "this was your year, so you write" So to him I say it was "our" year, but thank you and I love you! So what's in store for 2011?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 Weeks Post-Op!

Well today is my 6 week milestone! I am very excited to be here, they say at 6 weeks any chance of on set delayed symptoms should be gone and as far as recovery I am half way there! I feel amazing now, I stopped all my meds 2 days ago and the side effects are pretty much gone! My hair is growing and my hearing is back to the way it was previous to the surgery. Honestly the worst part of this entire thing was the antibiotics, in total I was on 7 different ones. Needless to say I should be protected against anything by now. The last one I was on was actually the antibiotic they use to combat Anthrax! Well I want to just extend my appreciation again to everyone who followed my journey. I couldn't have gotten through this without the support that we had. All the prayers and good thoughts, all the meals for my family, and all of fun new hats. I know that this entire ordeal was much harder on my family than it was for me and so I thank them and say how blessed I am to have such a strong family. I have had quite a bit of time to reflect on things that are important and to learn what isn't important, I have been humbled in new ways. It's such a cliche' to say "that which does not kill you, makes you stronger", but I feel like I found my own meaning to it. I am stronger for what I have learned about myself and the choices I make. I guess more than anything this has been bigger than I ever could have imagined. I knew that this tumor had a special purpose, but I didn't realize how it could become my testimony. I thank God for all I am blessed with and I know to look forward rather than behind. So for this chapter, I will close by simply saying Thank You!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Wow I must say that today I experienced the most amazing feeling ever, a shower with nothing to wrap up!!! It was like heaven was pouring down on me. The feeling of hot water on every inch of my skin! Ok you get the idea. So I got my PICC line out yesterday, and the doc said evrything looks great, but...... why is there always a but? But they are keeping me on 2 more oral antibiotics for another week, like I havent had enough bacteria killing meds in me for the last month. So Nate and I went shopping today and I bought, I would say 30 things of yogurt! Yep thats what I am eating for the next week, need to keep the probiotics going to defends against the antibiotics and I am going to win!
So speaking of saran wrap, yes I am done wraping my wounds, but low and behold Tahnee went and broke her arm so now she has so kindly taken over the duty of being wrapped up. I feel for her! Never a dull moment around here, but I welcome it with open arms. I am so ready to get back to taking care of my family since they have done so well taking care of me. So it begins a new chapter. I am I would say 90% healed, I am still dealing with feeling dizzy when I am anywhere but in the house, but it is getting better each day. I only have 1 more trip to MD Anderson next week for a hearing test and a last follow up with the surgeon. I have had amazing care from there and  my experience has been very positive but, I am so done making that trip! We must have spent at least $400 just in gas and parking for that place. Its all for a good cause though!
Ok this weekend I will be doing my hat fashion show and sending all my faithful follwers and wonderful friends and family a show to remember! I can't wait to have fun with all the hats I have recieved. So until then have a fabulous weekend, enjoy every second with your loved ones.

My hair at 4 weeks post op, not bad!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


As promised I am here to fill you in on the visit today! So I am wondering if it is possible to spend less than half a day at MD Anderson. So I went in to get my Picc line checked and changed, that went quick and easy. On to floor 6 elevator A.......infectious disease. 2 hours later, I am told that the staph was unable to grow enough bacteria to be able to name it, it had been comprimised by the previous oral antibiotic that I was on. In otherwords, they have no idea and I am keeping my picc line 1 more week! So now I am counting down to next friday when I get to take a saran wrap free shower, YAY!!!!
So I want to share with you this dream I had yesterday. I was getting ready to pick up the kids from school, but I was in bed. Well not just any bed, it was a remote control bed!!!! Yep I drove my remote control bed down to Copeland and waited at the crosswalk for my children. So you tell me what this means. I think , ummmm, yes I am going absolutly nuts and need to get out! LOL :) So I did go to Copeland to pick up the kids today, not on my bed. I walked, but had to call my mom to come get us because I looked like I had spent the last 5 hours downing tequila at Chuy's. My walk was quite staggard. It was nice to get out though.
Nate will be home wednesday and he is so excited to get back because at his request we are going to do a Hat Fashion Show. I am going to take pictures of me and all my hats that my wonderful friends have given me! I will post the link to a fun slide show for your entertainment. Well I am off to bed, it was alot today and I have a bit of a headache, not bad for being post op 3 weeks today. Can you believe it, 3 weeks ago they cut open my brain!!!! ( and even put most of it back ) I am so amazed at Gods work, I live but the verse Proverbs 3:5 and once again I trusted and I have no understanding other than the power of prayer!!!! Until next time my friends.....
Good Night!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No news is good news!

So I haven't written anything due to the fact that all is well! My infection seems to be responding well to the IV antibiotics, and my walking is now near perfect! I am definately ready to be rid of this PICC line though, I long for the day that I can take a shower without having to saran wrap a part of myself! I am just ready for some normalcy back in my world, I tried to sweep out the garage yesterday and you wold have thought I ran a 10K! everyone keeps saying baby steps, but I am a big girl now and I want to take giant steps. Oh dare I say the words.....I need to find some patience. Please nobody pray for that, cause we all know what happens when we pray for patience! So back to no news is good news! I am doing amazing and totally showing up the doctors expectations! I do like to show off.......yes I do! The fact of the matter is the power of prayer has shown its greatness and prevailed. I couldn't have gone through this without all the prayers, so I again thank the amazing support group made up of friends and family and even people I will never meet, but will always be grateful that they prayed for me. This is not the end of my blog by any means, so keep checking. For now I am off to push more drugs into my veins, at what point will I be known as a professional?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello it's me Dawn and yes I am on drugs!

So Nate made it to the rig this morning and I have been instructed to continue the blog in his absence. I am not even going to try and compare to him, I have finished reading everything he has written and I have to say I enjoyed the journey through his words!

This has been quite a ride! I am sitting here at the computer in my kitchen while IV antibiotics are being pushed into my veins, weird right? Yesterday as Nate said they inserted a Picc Line which is an IV that runs up my arm and into my chest, it will stay in for a course of 2 weeks. Wow I feel weird pushing drugs into my own veins! I am a bit frustrated by this set back but it is what it is right. I expected to go into the hospital yesterday and get my stitches removed and go home and scrub my head, I just want a normal shower. Can you smell me? JK I have mastered the sponge shower process, I am just sick of it! I feel amazing otherwise, it just blows my mind that only 14 days ago I was having my head cut into. This experience has taught me so much and humbled me emensly. To feel the perfection of what God created when He created us is awesome! I have felt so much love and support I am just wrapped in it! I cant say enough good things about my doctors and the staff at MD Anderson, I felt like I was on a Southwest flight, everyone is always so happy and friendly. So overall this was a good experience, now I wouldn't suggest trying it for yourself though.
Where to go from here? Well I must continue to ask for prayer concerning this infection. I am to find out on Monday exactly what kind of staph it is. They are growing it as we speak. So I am hoping that they will call and say that is wasn't as serious as they thought and to come in and get the Picc Line removed. So pray hard with me! Well I must go and change my IV bottle to med #2 now. A great night to all until I write again!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OK I lied

So I thought my last post would be my last post, but I was wrong. I was suppossed to leave via helicopter to go to work on the rig this morning. I am not at work due to the weather however. This blog is not about me though so I digress, Dawn went in to the doctor this morning to get her stiches out. Which she said went very well, she was worried about there being pain, she reported there was only some slight tugging. So that part of the visit went well, however the rest of the visit seems to have gone south from there. The infection Dawn had on her skin while clearing up in front of her incision, is not improving behind her ear and is looking to get worse. The doctor not entirly sure what to do as a treatment sent her down to see an infectious desease specialist. The treatment they have come up with is to install a PIC line (an iv that goes up into her chest) and set up an in home nurse to administer IV antibiotics twice a day for the term of the treatment. So she is currently still at the hospital, and Im in a hotel in Morgan city, LA. trying to set up someone to watch the kids. Today has not been a fun day for either of us I know.Please keep praying for Dawn to overcome this infection and continue her recovery. As I find out more ill keep everybody posted.