Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding......
Proverbs 3:5

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where to start....

Well I have been told that it is a good idea to blog about major experiences so that friends and family can keep up with your events, sounds like a great idea so here we go!

I guess I should start with the major experience that is provoking this blog, my brain tumor. I have a brain tumor! Sounds so awful huh, well not really,it is all how you look at it I guess.I have tried to get as much information as I can and stayed very positive with it. Not to mention I have had an amazing support system of friends and family!
Acoustic Neuromas are relatively rare, non-malignant brain tumors that grow on the 8th cranial nerve, the balance nerve. Although these tumors are non cancerous, they can cause problems as they begin to grow and press on the hearing nerve, the facial nerve, and if permitted to grow large enough, the brain stem. For this reason, my family and I have decided to get it removed using the middle fossa approach. This is a surgical approach that is best when trying to preserve the hearing and facial nerves. My tumor is at the perfect size, according to my doctor, it is big enough to be able to hopefully remove the entire thing and small enough to reduce the risks of the surgery. I am in very good hands! You can check out the link in my sidebar if you would like more info.

So I found out about my AN about 3 years ago by mistake, or I should say by the grace of God. I was being tested for meningitis and on an MRI they saw this mass in my brain stem. There was a wave of emotions as you can imagine, but initially I wasn't that concerned, at least that is how I appeared. After speaking with several doctors I finally found an amazing neuro-surgeon named Dr. Franco Demonte at MD Anderson. I couldn't have found a more knowledgeable and experienced surgeon as he. His partner Dr. Paul Gidley is just as amazing. With this team I feel very comfortable with all the decisions being made.

My surgery is set for January 7, 2010, what a way to start the new year right? During my surgery Nate will update this blog as he gets information. This will keep everyone in the know and give Nate something to do while in the waiting room. Already I have been so touched by all of the support offered, and especially the prayers. As I get closer to the date I get a bit more anxious. With Nate being gone and Christmas keeping me busy I haven't had to think about the surgery much, well it is all kinda becoming real. Nate will get home the night before the surgery and I know he is dealing with feelings as well so please what we need more then anything right now is prayer. For guidance, for strength, for assurance, and for peace. I am blessed that my mother can come for 3 weeks to help with the kids, she will need prayer too! I am open to advice and love to hear what others have experienced so don't hold back.

Thank you for being a part of my life and a part of my blog!