Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding......
Proverbs 3:5

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moon walking.

The word of the day...Pajamas! Just took it east today, it was so nice not to get interupted every few minutes for vitals and what not. So Dawn is doing well, she was up on the couch catching up on all the shows she DVR'd while she was away. She said she felt good today. I had a scare though today, every time I would help her move around or to the bathroom. (She is going to be unstable for a little while and just needs the stability of another). Anyhow she would say "I feel like I'm walking on the moon!". So my first thought was "Oh crap I have overdosed my wife with pain killers!", luckly she was fine and only refering to walking on the carpet. The hospital which is obviously devoid of carpet, wasnt as squishy under her feet. This being a new sensation it didnt occur to me what she was talking about. Well now that that is all sorted out, it should be smooth sailing from here on. Oh I dont want to forget to mention that her brain leaking has slowed even more to almost no leak so thats good news, I told her she cant function with any less brain than she has already got. Hope everybody has a wonderful night, talk to you more tomorrow.


  1. malachi and i said prayers for you tonight!! we're so glad you're home!!!!!! he's been bugging me to let you know that he misses flirtin' it up with you. :) but really, as soon as you're up to visitors, i would love to come see you (sans baby)!

  2. sooooo thankful. Dawn is blessed to have a husband that loves her so and has a sense of humor takes that when going through something so crazy. please give dawn our love and prayers. We are so blessed by God to see what He is doing. the nuttalls