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Proverbs 3:5

Friday, February 5, 2010


Wow I must say that today I experienced the most amazing feeling ever, a shower with nothing to wrap up!!! It was like heaven was pouring down on me. The feeling of hot water on every inch of my skin! Ok you get the idea. So I got my PICC line out yesterday, and the doc said evrything looks great, but...... why is there always a but? But they are keeping me on 2 more oral antibiotics for another week, like I havent had enough bacteria killing meds in me for the last month. So Nate and I went shopping today and I bought, I would say 30 things of yogurt! Yep thats what I am eating for the next week, need to keep the probiotics going to defends against the antibiotics and I am going to win!
So speaking of saran wrap, yes I am done wraping my wounds, but low and behold Tahnee went and broke her arm so now she has so kindly taken over the duty of being wrapped up. I feel for her! Never a dull moment around here, but I welcome it with open arms. I am so ready to get back to taking care of my family since they have done so well taking care of me. So it begins a new chapter. I am I would say 90% healed, I am still dealing with feeling dizzy when I am anywhere but in the house, but it is getting better each day. I only have 1 more trip to MD Anderson next week for a hearing test and a last follow up with the surgeon. I have had amazing care from there and  my experience has been very positive but, I am so done making that trip! We must have spent at least $400 just in gas and parking for that place. Its all for a good cause though!
Ok this weekend I will be doing my hat fashion show and sending all my faithful follwers and wonderful friends and family a show to remember! I can't wait to have fun with all the hats I have recieved. So until then have a fabulous weekend, enjoy every second with your loved ones.

My hair at 4 weeks post op, not bad!

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  1. in the words of tyra, you look "fierce"!!! i'm lovin' the buzzed look!!! and that is one sexy scar!